LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Do you like tech and robots? If so, you and Marcus will probably get along.

Marcus is a 14-year-old looking for his forever home. He’s a robotics and tech-whiz. He enjoys tinkering with LEGOs and other robotics sets as well as playing games.

He enjoys dogs, the color red, cats and pastries. He has a big sweet tooth and loves Donut King.

“Marcus is a very motivated youth and continually challenges himself to grow,” says one of the adults close to him. “Marcus does very well at school, and at home, he does well when provided structure and clear expectations. Marcus is a creative and energetic youth. He enjoys spending time with trusted adults and can be very talkative.”

Marcus would do well with a two-parent family and he would thrive in a home with or without other kids, but Marcus strongly desires siblings around his age. He also would love a family with pets, especially a dog or cat.

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