LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – More money is being pumped into Lansing’s arts and culture scene, in addition to many of its nonprofit community programs.

Mayor Andy Schor announced on Tuesday that several local arts organizations and nonprofits were awarded grants as part of Lansing’s allocation of American Rescue Plan Act dollars.

The resolution, proposed by Schor and passed by the Lansing City Council, set aside nearly $2 million for a myriad of community groups.

Organizations that received a grant range from resource centers for the homeless, to outreach groups for marginalized communities.

Cristo Rey Community Center, a nonprofit that provides access to food, medical care, and counseling programs, received $99,934 in revenue replacement for its healthcare services.

Punks With Lunch, a volunteer-run organization that works to provide food and other amenities to those in need, was granted $20,000 to fund its program that provides food kits to the homeless and others without access to food.

Riverwalk Theatre, a community theater organization that hosts plays featuring actors from the Lansing area, received $20,000 to upgrade its facilities.

Salus Center, a community center that provides resources for young LGBTQ people, received $46,000 for it LGBTQ Community Reconnect program.

Other organizations to receive funds include the Greater Lansing Food Bank, Potter Park Zoo, Suits in the City, and Cardboard Prophets.

“These funds provided by the federal government through ARPA are going to help fund some great programs all across Lansing and for Lansing residents. This diverse group of organizations are doing great work in our community, especially after the effects of COVID on Lansing.  Being able to help share this one-time funding to boost their programs as a result of the COVID pandemic is a fantastic step forward,” Schor said in a press release.

Here’s the full list of organizations and the grants they received:

  • Cristo Rey Community Center: $99,934
  • East Side Community Action Center: $60,000
  • GAAY Sports: $5,000
  • Habitat for Humanity: $50,000
  • Holy Cross Services: $290,000
  • KCS Angels: $60,000
  • Potter Park Zoo: $50,000
  • Punks With Lunch: $20,000
  • Riverwalk Theatre: $20,000
  • Women’s Center: $62,000
  • NNOV, Inc.: $50,000
  • Suits in the City: $30,000
  • The Village Lansing: $10,000
  • YMCA Oak Park: $25,000
  • Boys and Girls Club: $105,280
  • Cardboard Prophets: $20,000
  • LMTS Community Outreach: $135,000
  • The Turning Point of Lansing: $147,000
  • Brand New Me – Reading Readiness: $15,000
  • Care Free Medical: $50,000
  • End Violent Encounters (EVE): $125,000
  • MI Just Cause: $100,000
  • Salus Center: $46,000
  • South Lansing Ministries: $15,000
  • Women’s Opportunity House: $50,000
  • Essential Blessings: $10,000
  • Greater Lansing Food Bank: $250,000