“They’re scared, people are scared right now and they want to protect themselves.” CPL instructors experience a surge in interest.

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Lansing, Mich. (WLNS) For David Nelson, a concealed carry instructor, business is booming.

“Not only are the classes filling up a lot faster, the classes are scheduled a lot closer together.”

Nelson says he has been teaching concealed carry classes for eight years and has never experienced such a surge in interest, adding some instructors can’t keep up with demand.

“Usually we would run three classes a month, now we’re running up to 10-12 classes a month,” says Joseph Rand.

Rand is the master instructor at Rand Academy of Firearm training in Jackson. He says, his classes have always drawn a diverse crowd, but recently its split 50/50 with black and white students. Rand says the uniting reason is fear.

“They’re scared…people are scared right now and they want to protect themselves”

Being scared is allegedly what caused a St. Louis couple to aim their weapons at a group of protesters over the weekend, a viral video that has now been re-tweeted by President Trump.

Nelson says, the surge started at the beginning of the pandemic. According to the New York Times a record number of people purchased firearms in March. But now, added to COVID-19 fears, is civil unrest happening across the Country, calls to defund the police and high racial tensions.

“Yea we get a lot of the of craps going to hit the fan, there’s going to be a civil war, we get a lot of that.”

Nelson says, people don’t want that to happen, but they do want to put their protection in their own hands.

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