EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Another vote of no confidence has been directed at the Michigan State University Board of Trustees, this time, from the University Council in an 85-6 vote.

It’s the third governing body at the university to pass a similar resolution.

The University Council consists of people throughout the school, including members of the Faculty Senate, elected student representatives, as well as administrative leaders of colleges at the school.

So, what are they saying about all of this? Not much.

MSU’s Provost took part in an event for ‘National Transfer Week.’ But when asked about the situation between the Board of Trustees and outgoing school President Samuel Stanley Jr., she said the focus is on academics.

“Educational continuity is our number one goal at Michigan State and that’s what we’re really focused on,” MSU Provost Teresa Woodruff said.

6 News reached out to the University Council to get their thoughts on the no-confidence vote, and while no one would talk on camera, we received a statement from Faculty Senate and Steering Committee Chairperson Karen Kelly-Blake.

“As is the case with many no-confidence votes, University Council’s resolution expressing no confidence did not include supporting reasons so that individual members could decide for themselves which aspects of recent events were salient for them. Having said that, University Council’s membership includes, among others, the entire Faculty Senate and several ASMSU representatives, so many members were likely motivated by the reasons underlying previous votes of no confidence. But regardless of the rationale, the overwhelming support for yesterday’s motion makes one thing perfectly clear: students, faculty, deans, and administrators are united in their lack of confidence in the Board of Trustees,” Kelly-Blake said.

6 News also made several attempts to contact the Board of Trustees for any comments about the resolutions but has not heard back.

All eyes will be on the next MSU Board of Trustees meeting on Oct. 28.