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Fireworks are a lot of fun during the July 4th holiday but they can terrify your pets.

Every year, animal shelters see a surge in lost animals around the days leading up to the Fourth of July and for the days immediately following the celebration.

Many pets are terrified of fireworks and escape from homes, yards or kennels due to panic.

John Dinon of the Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter reminds pet owners that “if your pet is stressed or frightened by fireworks, keep them indoors in an interior room with no windows.”

He adds that you should stay with your pet if possible when you hear fireworks; playing a radio to distract your pet from the noise can help.

Holly Guild of the Capital Area Humane Society urges pet owners to not bring their pets to fireworks shows. “The noise and bright lights can panic a dog and, in some cases, cause the pet to escape.”

And that’s why, she adds, your pets should have current licenses and identification tags at all times. Even writing contact information on a collar with a felt pen is helpful.

It’s good advice to keep your pet on a leash if you must take them outside during “Fireworks Season”. Talk to your veterinarian if your pet has severe anxiety about fireworks, as they may have additional recommendations.

Have you microchipped your pet?  Microchipping a pet is another way to ensure their identification, and make sure if your pet is already microchipped that the registered contact information is up to date.

If your pet becomes lost, contact your county’s Animal Control Department to file a lost report, and visit the shelter to see if your pet has been brought in.

The Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter will give special consideration on redemption fees for pets lost due to fireworks for County residents.

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