GRAND LEDGE, Mich. (WLNS) — The sounds of gunshots and cries for help filled the halls of Grand Ledge High School as multiple agencies from across the state gathered for an active violence training exercise.

It all started with a phone call, with law enforcement from all over coming together and putting their skills to the test to prepare for the unthinkable.

Captain Rob Block said that helping those who have been hurt in a timely manner is a top priority.

“We’ve had this happen in multiple places around the country. Training saves seconds and seconds save lives and we need to get this emergency equipment that we have to the injured as fast as we possibly can,” Eaton County Captain Rob Block said.

This real-life scenario included dozens of volunteers who were painted with fake blood and told to scream as if they’d been shot.

“It actually did feel really real I was thinking like what if this happened in my own school,” volunteer injured actor Riley Jones said. 

Officials recorded the training today, and say they plan to review what worked and what didn’t.       

Captain Block said he hopes communities feel safe knowing officials are working to protect them at all costs.

“You know I have kids in school too so to think about this kind of stuff it’s a scary thought but I’m glad that the agency I live in is here so I’m glad that they’re preparing to protect my kids’ school as well and I think that that should give the community some relief knowing that we are prepared to handle situations like this,” Captain Block said.