UAW workers getting by on $250 a week, as the strike continues

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UAW workers have been on strike now for 24 days and they have only seen $500 in pay.

Union workers are getting $250 a week in strike pay, but workers say they have only seen 2 paychecks so far.

“We want nothing more then to go back to work.” said Matt Bowen, UAW Worker.

From working 40 hours a week, to walking the picket lines fighting for better wages.

“It’s going to be a struggle and we are willing to take that struggle on in order to have a fair contract.” Bowen added.

Matt Bowen has spent 19 years working inside G-M’s Lansing Grand River plant, but now he is outside of the gates fighting for better wages for himself and his family..while trying to get by.

“It definitely puts a burden financially and stress on the family when you are not working and you are not making the money you are used to making.” said Bowen.

While workers were told to start saving money a year ago, in preparation for a possible strike. Many are still struggling to get by.

“Right now with my savings I pay the bills. With the money we receive from strike assistance, its taking care of the gas, the food and the normal everyday expenses you don’t think about. You don’t think about putting gas in your car, you don’t think about the groceries on your table. This is driving us to think about making sure we eat first and making sure we have reliable transportation.” Bowen added.

And if the strike does not end any time soon.

“I will make changes in my life and I will seek employment and if it requires me to work 2 full time jobs, I’ll work 2 full time jobs to support my family.” said Bowen.

In the meantime, Bowen says he and his fellow Union members are thankful for the community support they’ve seen out here in the picket lines.

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