Victim seeks justice after hit with exploding firework

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Saturday on 6 news at 6 we told you about a person who was injured outside a bar in East Lansing. Police told us someone had set off a firework on the sidewalk outside of Harpers.

Tonight, while the person responsible is able to walk free, the man who was injured can barely stand. We want to warn you, some of the images in this story are graphic.

“I didn’t even get to see the guy throw it or how it got there in the first place,” said Devon Tremble. “I didn’t hear anyone yell stop or move.”

All he remembers was leaving Harpers with his friends and turning to see if they were following behind him.

“Next thing I know I had a white flash and like a pop, it was like instantly deafened,” Tremble said.

A firework had just gone off under his foot. You could see the mark on the sidewalk left from the explosion.

“From what I heard they were upset that they couldn’t get in and that’s no way to respond,” Tremble said. “There was no way they thought it could be that innocent when they saw the other people around, I was not the only one outside.”

But Tremble is the one with the list of injuries.

“I’ve got two large wounds on the backs of my thighs,” he said. “I’ve got small pieces of grey shrapnel,” which are pieces of the firework in his foot and first or second degree burns on both legs.

“I have two of those scrapes up my side,” he said. “Which I didn’t realize until I was on the bed and I got to take a look at the shirt as they were cutting it off me.”

He hopes to find out who did this, “Because I think I deserve that justice, I deserve knowing who did it and I want to forgive, but I mean even things like medical bills, like, I can’t handle that all on my own that’s a burden that they put on me.”

Tremble does have a GoFundMe page and if you have any information about who is responsible for throwing the firework, you can contact police at (517)-319-6884 or 1-877-ELPD-TIP.

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