LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The Diocese of Lansing released video of three people spray painting the sidewalks and doors of the church of the resurrection.

Their message challenged the church’s opposition to Prop. 3.

Members of the church said after hours of cleanup earlier this week, they’re waiting on a crew to remove the faded paint from their sidewalk.

Father Steven Mattson said it was a disappointing sight to find the politically driven message right before service started on Sunday morning.

“A lot of people come in from the parking lot so not that many saw it. But I did address it in my homily. I said what do we do when people respond with anger or even hatred to us. Well we do what Jesus would say which would be we forgive them and pray for them,” he said.

Officials with the Diocese of Lansing say around 11:52 Saturday night, security camera video caught three people painting messages that criticized the church’s opposition to Prop 3. In just five minutes, church leaders say phrases like “Restore Roe” were left around the east Michigan avenue entrance.

While the paint has faded, facilities director Chris Spalding said it’s frustrating to see politics boil over.
“I understand what’s going on in the world. It’s sad. But a lot of these people who do this, have a history of something in their family that they are wounded. They need healing and prayer,” Spalding said.

An official with Lansing Police Department says officers are investigating the case. Spalding says there are several cameras around the church buildings but so far, a new system has made it difficult to pull additional video. Both Spalding and Father Mattson don’t believe whoever did this is part of the church.