EAST LANSING, Mich (WLNS) As a result of last weeks protest at the East Lansing police department, community activist sat down with East Lansing city officials to create policy change within the ELPD.

Activist Farhan Sheikh-Omar, Edmund Rushton and Chuck Grigsby met with East Lansing interim police Chief Steve Gonzalez and City manager George Lahanas.

As a result of the meeting, Chief Gonzalez says he will change the language in their polices requiring officers to intervene and report when another officer is using excessive force and obstructing the view of their body camera will also be punishable.

Also a major advancement according to the community activist, was the announcement that Officer Andrew Stephenson will be removed from patrol duty to the investigation unit.

Officer Stephenson has been the subject of multiple “use of force” investigations and has acquired almost half of the entire departments public complaints. All his complaints were filed by people of color, but an investigation by the Michigan State Police determine his use of force was appropriate.

Tonight, the East Lansing City Council will announce several motions to further advance the movement, including additional funding for police training and reducing the amount of offenses that can lead to arrest.