LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Lansing coffee shop Strange Matter Coffee Co. announced that it will reopen on Friday, after receiving a hateful manifesto on Tuesday.

Strange Matter said it initially believed it was being targeted due to the LGBTQ+ pride flag hung in its window, however there was nothing in the 10-page letter specifically threatening the business or other businesses in the state.

The coffee shop posted an update on its Instagram page on Wednesday:

The letter we received was extremely anti-Semitic, but again, our letter provided no specific or direct threat. The ramblings included some close dates in March that made us uncomfortable. The dates did not indicate any specific threat,” the social media post read. “There were many dates past and future scribbled all over the 10 pages. Considering how endemic violence and hate are, we decided to err on the side of extreme caution and shut down for a few days.”

The 10-page letter received by Strange Matter contained a series of random handwritten notes, numbers, and various scribblings.

“There were a few swastikas, but also some general nonsense,” Strange Matter co-owner Elaine Barr told 6 News earlier this week.

Strange Matter said on Instagram that they feel safe reopening because “it’s past the few dates that really jumped out at us.”

“We never feel particularly safe these days, but that’s everywhere. We all should sit with this and think about if this is how we want to live. How can we change it?” Strange Matter said on Instagram.

The FBI confirmed in a statement to 6 News that the threats received in Lansing and Detroit will be taken very seriously, and encouraged the public to report suspicious activities that could present a threat.