Weather Wednesday: What is the jetstream and what it means for you

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During the 1930s and 1940s, Carl Gustaf Rossby was studying fluid mechanics, and motions on the larger scale of the atmosphere.  

That is when he discovered large waves in the winds high up in the atmosphere.  

To credit his discovery, the waves where named after him: Rossby waves.  

These waves and bends in the atmospheric flow, many have come to know as the jetstream.  

Due to the high and low points of the waves, we have features called troughs and ridges.  

These two elements allow us to see certain weather conditions.  

This topic is a building block for meteorological studies, even though it can be fairly complex.

In this week’s Weather Wednesday report StormTracker 6 meteorologist Diane Phillips explains what these waves mean for your daily weather.

Watch Diane explain this weather phenomenon in the video above.

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