JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – Despite colder temperatures, the sound of construction is a sign that summer is coming.

In Jackson, the city has more than a dozen projects planned and ready to tackle potholes and replace water lead service lines.

“We are going to see a lot of streets re-done. We are going to see new traffic signals, we are going to see trails improved and we are going to see water infrastructure upgrade,” said Public Information Officer for the City of Jackson, Aaron Dimick.

The season’s first project kicked off this week to replace water lead service lines on Perrine Street. The area connects Jackson’s east-side neighborhoods to places like Henry Ford Hospital. It’s part of an ongoing effort to replace every water lead service line in the city.

“The water main is nearly 100 years old, and the street surface here is 40 years old and as you can see is in dire need of a makeover,” said Dimick. 

Then there are pothole improvements. The Michigan Department of Transportation is working with Jackson County to roll out crews to start the season’s pothole patching work.

“County foremen are out driving around or if we get complaints from our pothole hotline or our website then we will go out and take care of them like that,” said the Manager of Jackson’s MDOT Service Center, Kelby Wallace.

The city is also set to completely resurface several selected streets.

“A couple that come to mind are Wildwood by Jackson High School, that is going to be resurfaced. West North Street up in the commercial area, the north side of town that’s going to be re-done and then we are also working on a project on N. Wisner Street in a similar area,” said Dimick.

Click here or a full list of city projects or here to report a pothole check.