LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Governor Gretchen Whitmer is offering a one-time $180 rebate check to every taxpayer in the state.

Despite the offer, Whitmer and Republicans are still far apart on a final tax cut package for inflation-weary taxpayers.

The check won’t go out until Republicans sign off and their initial reaction to the latest Democratic proposal was lukewarm at best.

House GOP leader Matt Hall gave the governor credit for “starting to follow the Republican lead on tax relief.”

That’s because the governor has extended retirement tax relief to all retirees, which the Republicans wanted.

Senate GOP leader Mike Shirkey argued the governor’s one-time rebate is 49 cents a day.

The governor countered that the GOP plan is $16 over 52 weeks for some low-income citizens.

“That’s 30 cents a week,” said Whitmer. “That’s not meaningful relief.”

As for why the check is not higher, Whitmer said that the actual money going to low-income citizens will be in the thousands.

“People who are struggling and raising kids or not raising kids for that matter will get $3,150 based on that family working tax credit, so it’s thousands versus pennies on the dollar,” said Whitmer.

The outcome of which is anybody’s guess, meaning the check is not on its way to the post office just yet.