MASON, Mich. (WLNS) — Something pink is spreading around the Mason area, and a couple of Girl Scouts are the reason why.

“Sometimes we’ll be out at like 10 or like later just to flock,” said Elizabeth Leibrand, a Mason area Girl Scout.

It’s like a secret mission for the Mason area Girl Scouts, who try not to get caught.

“It’s fun to like, try to make it so they can’t see you.” said Ellie Koppin, a Mason area Girl Scout.

The girls’ mission? To flock the whole neighborhood.

“We put the flamingos out and then it’s a surprise to them in the morning and their yard is full of flamingos,” said Riley Kerschke, a Mason area Girl Scout.

Until the end of July, the Girl Scouts are placing flamingos in yards – but it’s not random.

Anyone in the greater Mason area can request the flamingos to go to someone’s yard for $25.

The birds will stay for two to three days.

“Pass it on to other people because it helps support our fundraiser and it’s just a fun way to hang out with the community.” continued Kerschke.

If you get flocked, you can learn who sent them or get insurance to prevent future flockings.

For the girls’ moms, this fundraiser is a way to show what the Girl Scouts can do.

“We all love Girl Scout cookies, but I think it’s nice to see something different than cookies. Like Girl Scouts is so much more than just cookies,” said Lisa Leibrand, leader of Girl Scout Troop 30600.

The girls say this fundraiser is one of their favorites.

“I like the sneaking around, it gives it like a little bit of fun and like, you have to be quiet and make sure they don’t see you. And it’s just entertaining,” said Leibrand.

So far this year, the fundraiser has brought in more than $500.

If you want to get in on the fun, click here.