LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Will wearing masks become a thing of the past?

Travel mask mandates are over. The announcement came yesterday after a federal judge overturned the CDC’s recent extension of the requirement.

The White House announced it would not challenge the decision.

“I am opposed to people not wearing a mask right now I think it’s still pretty early,” said traveler Tony Ellis.

“I definitely probably wear a mask myself if I was flying,” said airport employee Don Miller.

Today people at the Capital Region International Airport and CATA bus stops in Lansing reacted to the changes today. Some were still wearing masks. Others were relieved to take them off.

“I was really waiting for this day. And I was always like you know thinking about it like oh when are they gonna be finished with it and everything,” one bus rider said.

The CEO of CATA says that even though it’s not required anymore, his staff will still recommend mask-wearing to customers.

“We are still following CDC guidelines. Which encourages people and recommends people to continue to wear masks on public transit and in our transit facilities,” said Bradlet Funkhouser, CEO of CATA.

Most major airlines are making it clear that mask-wearing is optional, even for TSA workers.

“For us here at Lansing that means just communicating that to our to all of our tenants and employees as well as some of our airline partners with Delta and American, to make sure they have those other policies in place as well,” said Katherine Japinga, Director of Marketing at the Lansing Airport.

But will masks become a thing of the past?

“I still think it should be in the medical hands and the medical authorities,” said Ellis.

This comes less than 15 days after the federal mask mandate was extended to May 3 because of rising COVID numbers.