Williamston, Mich. (WLNS) Earlier this month, Williamston School board sent out a Fall 2020 return to school survey to families in the district. The survey asked parents how they fell about their children returning to in-person instruction, remaining online only, or a hybrid of the two.

Some time after the survey was sent, the school board was alerted someone eager to get their children back in the classroom, alerted people on Facebook there was no limit to the amount of times a person could take the questionnaire, and encouraged people to help them get their kids back in school.

Several people responded to the call to action. One person commented that they voted at least 30 times, another admitted they didn’t even have kids in the district.

Williamston interim superintendent Kelly Campbell says she is aware the survey results are compromised and she is disappointed.

“Our board will not make a decision based solely on survey responses. Stakeholder feedback from our families and staff is very important to us, but we also have to consider health and safety as well as the financial implications of implementing the required elements of the road map.”

6 News spoke with a few people who claim to have taken the survey online multiple times. They both believe the school board should have put more restrictions on the questionnaire and claim people on both side of the issue spammed the survey. Campbell says she has no proof that happened but the board is looking at options to make the surveys more secure.

Campbell says Williamson school board will release their plans for the fall “soon”.