Winter weather brings tire swap rush

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Winter is here. And drivers slipped and slid during the season’s first snowstorm. That means Ashton Church is a busy woman.

“This week in particular has been absolutely crazy. The phones ringing off the hook and customers coming in and out and we are all doing our best here to make sure that we get all of those needs met but it has been busy from open to close every day this week so far,” said Church.

Ashton is the manager at Affordable Tire in Lansing. She calls this the busiest time of the year. Today, her crew quickly moved from one car to the next helping customers like Kip Harmon. He came in to look out for his daughter whose tires were so bad she couldn’t even get out of the driveway.

“Taking care of your kids is paramount. So you know you do what you can as a dad,” said Harmon.

Experts say, you should get your tires replaced every 60-thousand miles.

“It does matter. Getting them on for breaking and for gripping the road it does matter,” said Church.

But depending on your driving habits, it could be much sooner.

“Pretty much when you look at your tires if the front of your tire, the middle section of that tread is smoothing out and there is a lot of wear on it or you can tell that there are dry cracks on the side, you want to swap your tires out regardless.”

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