LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — As thousands are without power and temperatures getting low enough to freeze water, road safety is always a top concern.

With the roads expected to freeze over again Friday morning, people are expecting the worst. But whenever driving in wintry conditions, slowing down and using extra caution is always a safe bet.

Now if you do hit a patch of ice and begin to slide, do not press the brake, as it will only allow the car to slide more.

Instead, you should let off both the gas and brake and let the car slow down naturally without moving the wheel.

If you are without power, using a generator make sure to have proper ventilation and don’t leave a candle unattended.

“If people do lose power and they’re going to resort to alternative means of producing electricity, like with a generator or alternative lighting sources, I would prefer people not to use candles or open flames,” said fire expert Michael McLeieer. “As a firefighter, too often we see these are the types of conditions where we see homes that actually catch fire because a candle left unattended comes in contact with something that can catch fire.”