LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) –Since there’s still time to vote, that means there’s still time to campaign.

And that’s precisely what Governor Gretchen Whitmer was doing in Lansing this morning to try and keep her job.

After visiting Michigan State University last night with NBA legend Magic Johnson, Whitmer met with her supporters again this morning. She met with about a dozen people who will be out encouraging people to vote.

During the rally, she said she wants to remind people that it may take some time for the results to trickle in, and to trust the process.

When it comes to her plans for after the election, she says she’s feeling hopeful for another term.

“I got to write the budget, I got to prepare for lame duck, a second term is really exciting,” Whitmer said. “The legislature will decide their leaders on Thursday. I’m hopeful. I’d be humbled and grateful to earn a second term, and I’ll work with whomever the legislature leaders are, but that works starts, actually that work never stops.”

Governor whitmer also says she’s been impressed with the turnout and how many people are getting ‘fired up’ for this election.

On the other side of the aisle, Republican hopeful Tudor Dixon spent the morning voting on the west side of the state.

She voted early this morning in her home town of Norton Shores.

Dixon is hoping to unseat the incumbent for the state’s top job.

She crisscrossed the state Monday before going home to vote.

And she says she has done everything she could to get Michiganders to flip the governor’s seat from blue to red.

“I think we left everything on the field, did as much as we possibly could, talked to everyone across the state that we could. I feel good about today,” Dixon said.

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