JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) — A woman is concerned for her sister’s living conditions at Mission Point Nursing Home in Jackson.

Betty McDermott said her sister Frances Zarkovich was admitted last Saturday.

McDermott’s sister has stage four Parkinson’s Disease, and requires medication seven times a day. To make matters even worse, McDermott’s concerns sound very similar to some online reviews.

“It’s just sad,” McDermott said. “I can’t be here 24/7 to make sure they do their jobs.”

She’s been caring for her 66-year-old sister for the past three weeks. Zarkovich’s husband is also sick and can no longer help his wife.

“I took in her two dogs,” McDermott said. “I have them at my house too.”

Last Thursday, Frances had a medical emergency, and was admitted into Henry Ford Hospital in Jackson. As things got worse, professionals suggested rehab for Frances, which ended up with Zarkovich coming to the nursing home.

“The first day, she got no medicine,” McDermott said. “She had a bad lunch the other day, she threw up, and somebody in there agreed that it was bad food.”

Since Saturday, McDermott said her sister has been in the same clothes for days, even having soiled herself in the clothes.

According to a few Google Reviews, some patients and caregivers expressed the same concerns about bad food, missed medication and patients being left in bathrooms.

A statement from the facility said that staff met with McDermott and her sister for the very first time Wednesday to address their concerns.

The statement said Frances never used the call button for the bathroom, and that her missed medication was given to her, but was only late because it had to be borrowed from another facility.

“The care and safety of our residents is our top priority. We take very seriously any-and-all questions about care in our facility. That is why we were surprised that after we met with the resident and her guardian for the first time this morning since she arrived on may 28, that the reporter showed up a few hours later. These meetings are designed to clarify questions and make adjustments to care plans based on feedback. That is exactly what we did.

We shared specific facts with the reporter based on the items she shared with us. We shared documented facts on medication distribution. We shared the fact that the resident did not utilize the call button when finished in the bathroom as is common practice in our facility. We shared the fact that the very first meeting to discuss any issues was this morning. And we shared the fact that the person interviewed is not the legal guardian for this resident.

We will continue to follow our proven process which includes meetings like the one that was held this morning for the first time since she arrived four days ago, clarification of questions, sharing of facts and adjustments to care programs based on feedback and the best interests of our residents.”

A statement shared with 6 News from Mission Point Nursing Home

McDermott just wants proper care for her sister before the Parkinson’s progresses to stage five.

“If somebody out there knows of any place that she can go and get the right help,  that’s what I would like for her,” she said.

McDermott said that she is filing a company with Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office.