Local Non-Profit Raises Awareness For Rare Illnesses


(WLNS) – Serious illnesses come in different ways to different people.

Some are rarer than others, which means little is known about the disease itself or how to treat it.

Two local sisters started the Life as a Zebra Foundation to highlight those rare illnesses.

The name comes from an old medical school saying, “when you hear hooves, think horse, not zebras.”

That translates to go with the obvious choice.

Sometimes the correct diagnose isn’t the obvious one.

The Life as a Zebra Foundation works to raise awareness and promote research about those rare illnesses.

“Our foundation always goes by EASZ, Education, Advocacy and Support for zebras. These illnesses are real. Even though you can’t tell that a person is sick, they’re often just as debilitating as visible illnesses,” said Katie Jaskolski, co-founder/president, Life as a Zebra Foundation.

The foundation’s Fourth Annual Benefit Concert and Gala is this Saturday.

The event will feature Noah Guthrie from the TV show Glee and singer-songwriter Chris Trapper.

For ticket and event information, visit http://www.zebranation.org/.

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