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Local police dept. responds to Ford’s offer to repair & inspect Explorer SUV’s


UPDATE: A spokesperson from Ford released the following statement Saturday in response to the concerns:Ford is aware that some 2011-17 Explorer owners have concerns about exhaust or carbon monoxide. These vehicles are safe. Our investigation has not found carbon monoxide levels that exceed what people are exposed to every day. However, for our customers’ peace of mind, Ford is offering a complimentary service that reduces the potential for exhaust to enter the vehicle. Customers can take their vehicles, regardless of mileage or warranty status, to a Ford dealer to have this service performed, starting November 1, 2017 through December 31, 2018. To be clear, carbon monoxide concerns in Police Interceptor Utilities are related to unsealed holes from the installation of police equipment by third parties after the vehicle was purchased.

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLNS) – After concerns of exhaust fumes leaking inside Explorer SUV’s nationwide, Ford is shifting into high gear and addressing the problem.

The company is offering to inspect and repair roughly 1.3 million of these vehicles and it won’t cost owners a dime.

The company maintains these Explorer SUV’s are safe but because there have been so many concerns about exhaust fumes and carbon monoxide leaking into these vehicles, the dealership says it will do the work necessary to fix the problem.

“We’re bringing every one of them in for these repairs,” said Meridian Township Police Captain Greg Frenger.

Back in July, a Meridian Township Police officer was exposed to a deadly gas inside their patrol car…fumes the department suspects were carbon monoxide.

The incident prompted the Meridian Township Police to take action and install carbon monoxide detectors in all of their vehicles.

“Since that time we’ve worked with Ford and their engineers, they’ve inspected the car that was involved from our fleet,” Captain Frenger stated.

Captain Frenger says the department has since replaced the carbon monoxide alarms with upgraded CO detectors just to be safe.

“We’ve maintained those in every one of our vehicles and we have not had an activation since we’ve done that,” said Captain Frenger.

Captain Frenger says the department was notified this week about Ford’s offer to repair the explorer’ and he says Meridian Township PD plans to take the company up on its offer.

“We’re moving our cars through and a lot of other agencies are taking their cars to the area Ford dealers to have this worked on,” Captain Frenger added.

While it was shocking to hear similar complaints are coming in across the country, Captain Frenger says the situation hasn’t discouraged the department from investing in Ford in the future.

“If there were continued problems and more beyond what has occurred to this point, we would reconsider our purchases of these vehicles but right now we’re very happy with the Ford products,” said Captain Frenger.

Captain Frenger says the Meridian Township Police Department has already budgeted to purchase more Explorer SUV’s for next year.

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