MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP, Mich.( WLNS) – Due to the dry weather conditions, Meridian Township  is taking extra precautions this 4th of July and because of that township leaders decided to  postpone their annual fireworks show.

Cities across Mid-Michigan are experiencing a lack of rain and that’s causing problems in more ways than one, especially when it come to celebrating July 4th with fireworks.

“Postponing it is not fun for everyone but it’s probably the best option that we had. I mean we haven’t that that much rain in the last month I mean so it’s really really dry,” said Chris Rall

Chris Rall is a Manager at Culver’s in Meridian Township that’s located in the viewing area where the fireworks were expected to take off.

Rall says the restaurant has been a proud sponsor of the fireworks show for years and understand’s the township’s decision. But adds the move will affect business because no fireworks mean less sales during the holiday weekend.

“I think it’s better to play it safe than be sorry and have your fire department have to scramble and put out a bunch of fires. It’s the smart thing to do,” said Rall.

At a press conference Friday, Meridian Township officials revealed the big news.

“For the safety and welfare of our community our fireworks for July 4th is being postponed,” said LuAnn Maisner, Director of Meridian Township Parks and Recreation.

And members from the community agree with the township’s decision to wait for a better time.

“I understand because of the dryness and everything it could turn into a catastrophe therefore I think they made the right choice,” said local resident Harriet McLachlan.

Officials tells 6 News, the Meridian Township Fireworks Show which usually draws close to 15,000  people will be postponed to either December 30th of New Years Eve.