Local reaction to death of Fidel Castro


Within 90 miles of the United States, Fidel Castro led the communist Cuba for decades.

The failed “Bay of Pigs” invasion, multiple assassination attempts, and even a trade embargo with the U.S. could not defeat Castro.

But last night, death did.

For many Cuban American’s across the country, the 90-year olds passing is sparking an array of emotions.

“He’s just a human being, his death doesn’t change the suffering of all the people who are still in Cuba,” says Silvia Morales.

She’s a mother of three, and lives a free life here in America.

However, this wasn’t always the case.

Morales spent her childhood in Cuba, under the power of former President Fidel Castro.

“I left my country because of him. I didn’t want to leave my country, my culture, my friends, my family, this is my country now too. I’m an American citizen but like I say, Cubans are still suffering because of what he has done,” says Moralis.

Morales made the decision to leave Cuba in February 1999.

Hoping to provide her kids with something she felt, she didn’t have.

“I didn’t want my children to grow up in Cuba, there’s no freedom, there’s no freedom in Cuba,” says Morales.

News of Castro’s death caused a mix of joy and grief among many this morning.

For some, those who aren’t willing to forget. But for others…

“I don’t feel hate for him, I mean, I don’t believe that hate will let me, or let anyone do anything good,” says Morales.

And like her, they’re willing to forgive.

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