WASHINGTON (WLNS) — Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified before Congress Tuesday, and Michigan lawmakers are reacting to what he said.

Democratic Senator Gary Peters says Mueller’s testimony is important because of Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election, and because Mueller says his report does not exonerate President Donald Trump. Senator Peters also called on Congress to do its job.

“Congress has a fundamental duty, as outlined in the constitution to provide oversight of the executive. So you need to continue to have hearings, continue to investigate issues around that,” he said. “But I also think that it’s important that we continue to focus on the work for the American people.”

But Republican Congressman Tim Walberg says President Trump does not need to be exonerated because he was never charged or convicted of a crime. He added he believes the American people have moved on from the issue.

“The Democrats certainly have to seem very concerned that it’s not proving to be something that brings up a smoking gun or something that was missed,” he said. “I think the American people are happier with the economy. They want to see us working together to keep that moving forward.”