Local reactions to travel ban legal moves

EAST LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – East Lansing doctor Abdalmajid Katranji is from Syria and travels back to his homeland to deliver medical relief.

He says the Circuit Court’s decision to maintain a hold on President Trump’s travel ban has him and others in Lansing’s Muslim community relieved.

“It was the right decision and I’m very encouraged by the judicial system being a check on our executive system,” said Dr. Katranji.

But the hold on the Executive Order is temporary and doesn’t guarantee the ban will remain frozen.

In fact, Western Michigan University’s Cooley Law School professor Anthony Flores says this is just the beginning.

“There’s still a lot of litigation left. The speculation is that they’re going to re-write the order,” he said.

But Flores also says the government could petition for the federal appeals court to reexamine the case and reverse it or appeal it to the Supreme Court.

Still, the question about whether or not the ban is constitutional is up to the lower courts.

“This is only dealing with what do we do concerning the ban while we’re waiting for that process to happen,” explains Flores.

In the meantime Dr. Katranji says he is optimistic.

“The beauty of the United States is that we’re a country of laws. The best way to combat extremists is by showing them that the law will always prevail.”

President Trump said this afternoon he could take the next step as early as next week.

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