Local students react to Syria strikes


It’s been less than 24-hours since dozens of American tomahawk missiles rained down on a military airfield in Syria.

It’s the same airfield that the White House says was used to launch planes that dropped the nerve gas that killed more than 80 people earlier this week. Syrian officials say 7-people were killed in the missile strike. The White House says the base’s facilities were all but destroyed, leaving it useless for any future bombings. Both Syria and Russia condemned the strikes, saying it was an act of aggression.

Here in Mid-Michigan, people who’s families that are from Syria are reacting to the chemical attack, and last night’s missile strikes. They say, those in Syria have been calling on the global community to step in, and do something to end the suffering.

“We can stop this war, I think it’s very possible, I think it’s possible to bring peace to Syria and have these civilians allow them to lead a normal life,” says Tasneem Sannah, student at Michigan State University. While she should be concentrated on studying for finals, she can’t help but get distracted by the suffering of those in Syria. Especially when thinking of her grandmother, who was killed while gardening in her own backyard.

“There’s been a lot of talk and no action, and most of the Syrians I know, we’re tired of no action, and we want something concrete that will stop suffering,” says Sannah.

And she’s not the only one hoping to end the bloodshed overseas. Leila Tarakji, doctoral student at MSU says, her loved ones too are sick of hearing the heart-wrenching bombs drop from above.

“My cousin came home telling my grandpa ya know, like that he saw a war plane crossing the sky, so like he, was scared obviously,” says Tarakji.

After this week’s gruesome chemical weapon’s attack in Syria, Tarakji says, enough is enough. And believes President Trump’s decision to retaliate and deter future use of poison gas, is a good thing.

“This kind of sends out a message that, it establishes that there is a red line and that, the use of chemical weapons won’t be tolerated, that it can’t be ignored,” says Tarakji.

A message, Sannah says, she can relate to.

“The Syrian people, we’ve suffered long enough, we need this to end,” says Sannah.

Going forward. both girls hope this will bring both the Syrian Government and the United State to the negotiation table in order to end the suffering.

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