LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A rally is planned to happen at the Capitol on Saturday and it’s being organized by members of the Boogaloo movement.

You may have heard of this group recently since some of the group’s members are accused of being involved in a plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer and attack the Capitol.

Several members of the Boogaloo movement were arrested and charged. Attorney General Dana Nessel said the men were apart of the militia group, Wolverine Watchmen, or associates of Wolverine Watchmen.

The men were charged with a total of 19 felonies under Michigan’s Anti-Terrorism Act.

Friday afternoon Kiyerra Lake spoke to a member of the Boogaloo movement, Mike Dunn.

He said the organization’s movement is founded on the ideas of liberty for all and they are usually seen wearing Hawaiian shirts. He said they are censored on social media sites frequently, and so they refer to the boogaloo movement as the Big Luau.

Dunn said they support the constitution and are against radical government and government overreach.

On Saturday, Dunn said the Boogaloo group plans to come together on the Capitol lawn to promote unity.

As far as the guys arrested in connection to the kidnapping plot, Dunn said he’s proud of the men.

“They were planning to perform a lawful citizens arrest upon a sitting governor and that has exercised government overreach, has breached the constitution of the United State of America and they were gonna do what needed to be done and should be done in several parts of this nation,” Dunn said.

The Capitol building is closed on Saturday, but Michigan State Police said they are aware that a rally is planned. They have seen flyers posted about the event and Facebook book events created that were taken down.

MSP said they will continue to monitor this event planned, but they don’t have an idea of how many people are expected to attend.

The men arrested and charged were seen at the Capitol in the summer. The men were wearing Hawaiian shirts which is a trademark of the Boogaloo movement. Dunn says because they are censored on social media sites, they refer to the boogaloo movement as the Big Luau.