Doula denied access in hospital room for client due to coronavirus concerns


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Expectant mothers across Michigan are changing their birthing plans due to the coronavirus, because of restrictions put in place by the state.

Patients are only allowed one visitor, so many midwives and doula’s are being denied access to the delivery room.

Tamara has been a certified doula for 7 years now.

“When you walk into birth at the hospital. You don’t know who your nurses are, you don’t know who necessarily the doctor is going to be. A lot of them go into rotation, having some constant support that is there can change the difference the woman has.”

Even with the executive order in place, Sparrow Hospital did not let Tamara help her client gave birth.

“They said it was a decision made by the board of directors and they were trying to help their patients during this pandemic to be safe. They said the decision was out of their hands and it was a board decision.”

She then took to Facebook, expressing her frustration.

“My client is in the hospital she has her husband and im talking really high I’m really sorry, she has her husband but no doula.”

“I was with her for the birth of her second child, this is third. So we had a good relationship going, she really trust me.”

“So not being able to be there for her to support her during that time was devastating.”

But she has still been there for her client virtually.

“I talked to her texted with her, trying to keep things light asking her how she is doing.”

6 News did talk with officials at Sparrow Hospital who say, their Covid-19 policy is to only have 1 support person in the delivery room.

Sparrow said, a nurse acted as the Doula for Tamara’s client.

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