“It’s pretty heartbreaking” Students and parents react to school closure order


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– Governor Gretchen Whitmer introduced an executive order today, that closes all K-12 schools for the remainder of the school year.

“I had prom to look forward to, of course my track season,” said Everett High School senior, Juan Morales.

There is a lot to look forward too when you reach your senior year of high school.

“Not being able to spend the rest of my time at Holt like I thought I would be able to, with the kids I’ve grown up with since I was in kindergarten, it’s pretty heartbreaking,” said Holt High School senior, Alex Penski.

Students say they do understand the circumstances though.

“With how serious this is and how many people are catching it and passing away from it, I definitely think this the right thing to do,” said Penski.

“I feel like this is for the best interest of us all, to keep our health first,” said Morales.

Some parents say they did see the closure coming.

“It was almost expected, it’s not coming as any sort of surprise to me and I don’t think many other families,” said one parent, Khaled Zakharia.

And are glad that it happened.

“It’s a very positive thing to be so cautious because this virus seems like it’s so easily transmitted,” said Zakharia.

“It’s keeping our kids healthy and just ensuring that you know all of them are taking care of themselves and families are taking care of each other so I’m sure keeping them home is the best option,” said Trini Pehlivanoglu, a mother to a high school senior.

Even though there are still some questions about prom, graduation and other milestones, students are still trying to keep a positive outlook.

“I feel like all in all, I had a fairly good experience in high school and now I just have the future to look forward too,” said Morales.

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