PARMA, Mich. (WLNS)– The Western School District is investigating a hack into a Zoom class earlier today after an unknown person was showing an explicit scene to a 6th grade class.

According to Superintendent, Mike Smajda, the 6th-grade teacher was admitting students into the classroom a few minutes before the class was set to begin, that’s when students and teachers were exposed to the scene. Smajda believes the video was showing two people engaging in sexual intercourse.

The teacher quickly ended the Zoom call.

“I’m frustrated that something like this would even happen,” said Laura, a parent to one of the 6th graders in that online class.

She says she got the call earlier today from her 11-year-old about what had happened.

“I was very scared, I didn’t know what was happening, right now I kind of feel like weirded out a little bit like I don’t know what I have just seen,” said one of the 6th-grade students.

According to the district, there were approximately 15 students logged into the class and the scene was only showing for a few seconds when the teacher and students realized what was happening.

“I understand that it wasn’t the school’s fault and it wasn’t the teacher’s fault and I know he feels horrible about it but also with that the kids did see a lot of inappropriate things today, and so I feel that added security or even go a different route for the online learning would be a better option,” said Laura.

According to officials, the incident is still under investigation, and they’re looking into protocols to avoid something like this in the future.