LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) Following last weeks attacks at the U.S Capitol, and the current threats on 50 State Capitols across the Country, Black Lives Matter Lansing members are preparing to shelter in place from Friday through Thursday.

A memo was sent out to members via Facebook, suggesting people take time off work, stock up on food and batteries and use a battery operated radio.

“This is not to get you to panic or to unnecessarily create anxiety, the way to not panic and to have stress and fear is to prepare, and we want you to prepared,” says BLM Lansing Co-founder Angela Waters Austin.

Another group preparing for potential protests at the Capitol next week, is Michigan State Police.
Troopers are already surrounding the Capitol building and their heightened presence will continue for weeks following Sundays scheduled protest. Right now the FBI says 50 states are all on watch for creditable threats.

Lieutenant Brian Oleksyk, a spokesperson for MSP, says the department is in communication with both federal officials and other states. He adds, MSP will have more to share on their preparations later in the week.

Lt. Oleksyk would not comment on if he felt sheltering in place was necessary. But regardless, Waters Austin is suggesting BLM members refrain from leaving the house until the day after the Presidents inauguration and if they do, she suggests not to go out alone.