Local donut shop gets support from community


Businesses around the country are being crippled by the covid-19 outbreak, but many of them are getting extra support from their communities.

Monica and Andrew have owned groovy donuts since 2015.

While they are offering take out service, she says they’ve seen a 60% decrease since last week.
“We used to have 6 orders a day, to about no orders being placed.” Said Monica Lucas, Owner.
So they had to make some changes.

“We’ve been actively trying to make the right decisions by cutting back our hours.” Said Monica Lucas, Owner.

But sometimes, it’s just not enough

“Were losing money and looking at these grant applications, these specific grants, there is only 60 going out in this area. I felt like what is the chance of us getting it. I just don’t feel like we are going to. We have done so much i don’t want to lose it.”Said Monica Lucas, Owner.

So she took to Facebook.

“If you could write a letter saying why you think we should get those loans, it might make a difference. It might not make any difference at all, but it might. It might be the one thing that pushes us on the top pile, if you can it will be much appreciated.”Said Monica Lucas, Owner.

Then they were flooded with support from the community.

“It was 150 letters and were getting all these messages of encouragement from people and we were in shock.”Said Monica Lucas, Owner.

Then they sold out of all their donuts in less than 2 and half hours.

“I got teary-eyed, I think this guy got teary-eyed. Which says a lot because he never does. he is not emotional.”Said Monica Lucas, Owner.

“Were just going to grind it out, making sure we can put a smile on some folks faces. Get a nice donut and coffee and start your day right.”Said Monica Lucas, Owner.

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