Michigan couple with 7 kids and 21 grandchildren takes home $80 million Powerball jackpot


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– What would you do if you won the lottery? Well one family is about to live their answer to that question.

Phillip and Dawn Chippewa have been together 25 years and are Michigan’s most recent millionaires.

The Chippewa’s have seven children and 21 grandchildren.

Today, the couple and all of their family came to Lansing to claim their $80 million jackpot.

The couple lives in Sutton Bay and bough the ticket for the September 21st, 2019 Powerball drawing. Phillip bought a Powerball at Barrels&Barrels Party Store on Bayshore Drive in Suttons Bay, just 20 miles north of Traverse City.

The winning numbers of the September 21st drawing was 1-09-22-36-69 and Powerball number 22, which matched all of numbers of Phillip’s ticket.

“I found out the winning ticket was at Barrels& Barrels at work and I told one of my coworkers ‘that’s great’ then I said ‘he better of bought tickets!” said Dawn.

Dawn’s sister texted her and asked if they played and if they had won. Dawn says Phillip went out to his truck and grabbed the ticket. That’s when their son looked up the winning numbers and realized their numbers matched.

In disbelief, the family went to Barrels& Barrels to get their ticket checked. They say a ticket printed out to contact the Michigan Lottery.

After realizing they won, they called a family meeting with their children, having some of the children on FaceTime that live out of the area and told them what had happened.

“We together we’ve always discussed this and saying if we ever won the lotto, who would have ever thought, that we would buy every one of our children a house that we would be taken care of and we wouldn’t have to worry about them” said Dawn “we looked at them and said that dream is going to come true, we are going to buy you guys homes.”

Dawn hopes to start her own horse therapy program for children and Phillip is planning to get a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

“We just can’t wait to go on vacation, it’s been… years, a long time,” said Dawn.

They took the lump sum of $42 million after taxes. Dawn and Phillip both are still working for now, but plan to retire soon. Dawn says she always gets grief from her family about working all the time.

“In the last six months, I’ve only had five days off,” said Dawn “so retirement might actually be good (laughs).”

But the couple says with this amount of money, comes a lot of responsibility.

“We told ourselves that we’re going to be smart, going to take baby steps” said Dawn “want to build a legacy, we want to do this the right way so our children’s children are set.”

Financial stress isn’t the only weight off their shoulder, they say now they can spend more time with their children and grandchildren.

“It’s truly a blessing, I’m in disbelief that we can actually have a chance to do something more in our life now instead of just working,” said Dawn.

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