Michigan State Capitol Commission creates committee to study issues of guns in capitol


The Michigan State Capitol Commission delayed a decision on whether or not to ban guns from the capitol building.

A special committee was created to take a closer look at possibly banning guns in the capitol.

“The motion is to form a committee to study the issues and seek input from the legislature and executive and report back a recommendation to the full commission.”

“The motion is not intended to side step the issue, but rather to do it in s further manor.” said Margaret O’Brien, Secretary of the Senate.

Attorney General Dana Nessel, said the State Commission has the authority to create a ban;but that’s not what a member of the commission told 6 news last week.

“It is still our position that we do not have jurisdiction to ban weapons in the building.” Said John Truscott, Vice Chair of Michigan State Capitol Commission.

“Not in our wildest dreams, did we ever think the capitol commission would be looking at a situation that we are looking at today.”

Gary Randall Clerk of the House and other members of the commission say making a decision like this is a serious matter.

“I’m not comfortable rushing into something without a full vetting.” Said John Truscott, Vice Chair of Michigan State Capitol Commission.

Shortly before the meeting, Nessel took to twitter.

Saying if the commission doesn’t act, “it won’t be because of the lack of authority — but rather the lack to take necessary action to protect people who work and visit at the capitol.”

Vice Chair–John Truscott says, he doesn’t want the commission to over step any boundaries.

“We are probably one of the least political bodies around the capitol, but yet we have been thrust into a very difficult political issue. That has statewide importance and significance.” Said John Truscott, Vice Chair of Michigan State Capitol Commission.

Chairman of the Commission Gary Randall, says the special committee will meet as early as next week.

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