No, Biggby isn’t selling a “mashed potato mocha” (and other April Fools’ jokes)


They called it both a drink and a dinner.

Biggby “unveiled” a new drink today – a “mashed potato mocha”. The concoction is described as a “classic latte ladled full of rich, savory Beef Mocha gravy sauce – topped with real, fluffy Idaho potatoes and a decadent mocha au jus.”

The good news (or the bad news, if you were really excited about it), is that the drink is a prank (the Facebook post says it’s “Not available at a BIGGBY location near you”) – one of many April Fools’ jokes being pulled in and around Michigan today.

The Lansing Lugnuts got in on the fun, as well – as the team announced a “name change” to the Lansing Lugnugs:

The new “mascot” features the distinctive eyes, mouth, tooth, and “swirl” of the lugnut (actually a bolt), but shaped like a chicken nugget (although, frankly, it looks more like a dizzy peanut).

The announcement also mentioned the creation of a new song that would talk about dipping sauce.

In Jackson, the organizers of the annual Hot Air Jubilee say the event will be back in 2021 – with a twist: It will now also take place at Vandercook Lake and include submarines. The newly-named “event” will be called “Balloons and Subs”.

Organizers say the event will feature sub pilot meet and greets, “swim with a sub opportunities”, and even a “Will it sink competition”.

“We have explored the skies of Jackson, now it’s time to explore the beauty of our lakes!” their Facebook post says.

The event will offer you “the opportunity to find the swim trunks you lost in 1996!”

Over in Eaton County, recycling officials also let people know they’d be closing the Sunfield Recycling Center after an early morning Jackelope was spotted nearby. What’s a Jackelope? Well, the Facebook post provided a “surveillance photo”:

“The closure is a direct effort to mitigate possible Jackelope/vehicle fatalities and human/Jackelope interactions, as the field surrounding the center is a known resting point along their migratory route,” the Facebook post said.

(But the Sunfield Recycling Center is really closed – because it’s only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays.)

Not to be outdone, someone also notified Facebook readers about the temporary relocation of the Arch Rock – one of the scenic landmarks on Mackinac Island. That announcement came complete with a picture of a crane lifting the rocks from the formation.

The post suggests that this is actually fourth time the structure has been relocated – tying other moves to the Civil War, high water, and the Great Depression.

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