Safety concerns over people setting off their own firework displays as public shows get canceled


DELTA TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLNS)– With many big public fireworks displayed canceled due to Covid-19 concerns, many are buying their own fireworks to set off.

Fire officials say they have responded to firework related calls ahead of the holiday weekend and are hoping people keep safety top of mind going into the fourth.

“One make sure an adult is the one lighting the fireworks, don’t let children do that, secondly, make sure that you have water nearby,” said fire inspector at the Delta Township Fire Department, Michael Roberts.

Roberts says you want to put the fireworks in the water once you know they’re done.

“We have several cases where people will think the fireworks have gone off or even a firework will dud out, and then it still fires off some more when they try to pick it up and then it causes injuries and fires” said Roberts.

He added one simple way to avoid fires and injuries is to read the manufacturer labels on the fireworks.

“The manufacturer labels are usually just right on there, and they will have some general hey this is what happens,” Roberts added.

So, which fireworks could do the most harm? Bottle rockets are near the top of the list.

“These are probably one of the most dangerous ones because they’ll still go up or towards somebody to towards a house and they will ignite again to make that pop well if you’re near something really combustible, then it could start a fire and that’s awful,” said Roberts.

When you think of safe and easy fireworks, you might think of ‘Pop-Its’ or sparklers.

“No matter what kind of fire work you have, there still is still some danger, even with sparklers, are incredible dangerous because the core of those burn at around 1500 to 1700 degrees,” said Roberts.

That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun though.

“We want you to enjoy your holidays and keep enjoying holidays, don’t be the one that burns their hands or burns their house down,” said Roberts.

Another thing to keep in mind this holiday weekend during a pandemic is using hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer contains alcohol which is highly flammable and if you’re lighting a firework, it’s best to keep the hand sanitizer away.

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