Students react to MSU President Stanley’s response to Wharton Center display


EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– After Michigan State University’s President, Samuel L. Stanley Jr., responded to the Wharton Center’s display, some students want to see more action taken.

President Stanley’s statement was released Thursday afternoon. It included an apology, and added that staff would be taking mandatory racial-bias education along with restructuring the staff and management at the Wharton Center, among other things.

Krystal Davis-Dunn is a graduate student at MSU and was stunned when she saw the display at the Wharton Center, but stunned isn’t the word she would use to describe President Stanley’s response to the display.

“Until they put something in writing, his words, they mean nothing, they’re weightless, it’s another apology, it’s empty,” said Davis-Dunn.

Davis-Dunn says she wants to see actual change.

“The training alone is not enough, the restructuring is not enough, the Wharton center is not the issues, it’s the whole of the institution, it’s all of campus, all of MSU,” said Davis-Dunn.

Other students on campus agree.

“I don’t think that just like the classes or the training, or hiring a few extra black people is really going to be enough to make students safe here at MSU,” said MSU senior, Imani Cole.

Davis-Dunn also added that she hopes to see transparency from the university and feels that there is a lack of urgency to make change.

“If they felt the way I felt, they would want something as desperately and urgently as a I want something done, they would be demanding and that lets me know that they don’t get i,t and they feel like an apology fixes it, and that the apology will undo the harm, the harm has been done,” said Davis-Dunn.

Students say they want to see a change higher up at the university.

“On a higher level I would like to see more diverse faces in like people who make actual decisions here, not just like the staffing of certain stores or book shops or anything,” said Cole.

“Diversity and representation needs to happen up the scales and across the board, it needs to be multidisciplinary, and it needs to be everyone involved at every level,” said Davis-Dunn.

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