“The smell is so bad I can’t sleep at night, I can’t breathe” Tenants at Lakeview apartments describe unsafe living conditions


HASLETT, Mich. (WLNS) Water pouring from the ceiling, dripping down the shower and trickling from the window seal are just some of the videos sent to 6 News from former employees and people living in Lakeview apartments.

“It’s just bad it’s horrible,” says Tammy Thompson a resident of Lakeview for eight years. Thompson said conditions have worsen in the past two years with the owner’s refusal to properly fix maintenance issues.

Right now, Thompson says there is resurfacing mold growing in her bathroom and the smell of mold coming from the vents prevents her from fully utilizing her heat and A/C.

“We use space heaters in our bedrooms because the smell is so bad I can’t sleep at night, I can’t breathe.”

Several other tenants who prefer to remain anonymous shared photos of mold around the building and in their apartments. One person says the owners solution to the mold around her window seal was to paint over it.

Meridian Township code enforcement has a warning for people living in Lakeview but its not about mold or plumbing concerns, it’s about their decks.

“All there doing is rigging it, they’re not doing it to correct the problem. They’re rigging it until they can get through the inspection, code or whatever and then it all goes back to the same thing,” says Thompson.

The owner, who only wanted his audio-recorded says most of his tenants are happy and the majority of the complaints came within the last six months when they found out an employee was not properly fixing problems. The owners say they fired the employee, and the employee says he quit because they refused to properly fix issues.

“All the complaints now, they have all been taken care of, we don’t have any pending complaints,” says the owner.

Code enforcement says its plans to step up inspections at Lakeview were postponed because of COVID-19, but they will address any complaints within the next business day.

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