The TCF Center protest, the Trump campaign lawsuit, and more…everything that happened in Michigan today


MICHIGAN (WLNS)– It’s been a back and forth battle between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden over Michigan and the state’s 16 electoral votes. Today, Biden was declared the winner…. but there’s still no final result on the presidency.

Casting a ballot wasn’t the only way people want their voices heard in this election. In Lansing today, people came to rally together, sending a message that they want all the votes counted.

“I think that it’s important that no politician or political party determines this election, it’s the people’s votes,” said coordinator for the Lansing Action Council, Dinah Dewald.

In Detroit, people crowded the TCF Center to try and stop ballots from being counted. People there say there wasn’t an equal amount of democratic and republican challengers inside, where thousands of ballots were being counted.

“People have continued to poor out, on our side and getting lunch or whatever, and as we keep trying to go in to replace them, they’re not allowing us and still saying we’re over capacity,” said a GOP challenger in Detroit today, Nick Sinishtaj.

A Lansing woman was told the same thing when she was at the TCF Center earlier today, after she left the building to go move her car.

“The building is at capacity so you cannot go in, and I said I was literally just in the building, I’m just moving my car,” said Ginger Vincent, another GOP challenger.

Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, responded to those protesting outside of the TCF Center.

“I mean I’ll just say if they thought they were going to intimidate or stop anyone from doing their job inside the TCF center then they don’t know Detroit,” said Benson.

The Trump campaign also filed a lawsuit today in the Michigan Court of Claims.

They’re claiming that they did not have access to observe the opening and counting of ballots.

Benson says the election in Michigan has been fair.

“I called it a frivolous lawsuit without merit because that’s what it is, and so the litigation is ongoing, we’ll let the process play out and respect the process but what I can say with confidence and what I’ve already emphasized is that absentee ballot tabulation process not just in TCF but all throughout the state of Michigan was efficient transparent sure and methodical,” Benson added.

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