LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– Michigan recorded the most positive COVID-19 cases since May on Wednesday at 610 cases and an additional 10 deaths.

Health officer with the Ingham County Health Department, Linda Vail, gave a weekly virtual update this afternoon. She says the department is tracking four outbreaks in the county. One at Harpers in East Lansing, another in the Ingham County Jail, the Sprint cell phone store in Edgewood Towne Center in Lansing and another at Riverfront Animal Hospital in Lansing.

Vail was asked about the recent holiday weekend gatherings, such as the one on Diamond Lake in Cass County that has caught national attention.

“It concerns me, it’s exhausting to have made so much progress and then to watch people let down their guards,” said Vail.

She says the average incubation period is nearly five and a half days.

“Seven to ten days after the fourth of July so this weekend through the beginning of next week, we might see an uptake in cases across the state related to that, “said Vail, “because similar to Harpers, people traveled from all counties and all over the place, and we could see an impact in multiple counties as a result of that,” said added.

If you did go out and got together in a large crowd, you’ll want to stay close to your phone in case the health department is trying to reach you about a potential exposure.

“Right now, answer your phone, if it’s a spam call just hang back up on it, but it could be the health department calling, we are working with our phone cell service provider and getting our outgoing called ID to say Ingham County Health Department,” said Vail.

She says her staff has had a hard time reaching people that have a full voicemail box.

“We will never leave a text message on our initial contact with them because we have to make sure that we have the right number and that we’re talking to the right person,” said Vail.