Looking for a place to stay in Minneapolis? Be careful!


Now that Michigan State has earned a berth in the Final Four in Minneapolis, the race is on for fans going to the game to find a place to stay. 

Airbnb has some safety reminders for those fans who might find that a deal too good to be true, often is.

A lot of Minneapolis hotels are already  booked up but there are alternatives in the Twin Cities.

With most travelers booking on short notice without the benefit of weeks to prepare their trip, safety should always be uppermost in making travel plans.

MSU fans and alumni should always be on the watch for third party scams. During these types of major events, scammers often attempt try to take advantage of people searching for bargain deals by exploiting the brands of trusted companies.

Airbnb has recently seen a rise in scammers who attempt to lure guests to book on third-party websites that are not a part of Airbnb and claim that the rental is managed by Airbnb or mock up what appears to be an Airbnb page in order to lend credibility. These bad actors may offer deals that seem too good to be true and then ask unsuspecting guests to wire money to book the reservation. In reality, the page is fake, the home does not exist, but by the time the guest realizes this, the money is gone.

Always be aware of how you are paying for your accomodationsIf the site is trying to divert you to another site to make payments, be careful.  That can be a major warning sign that you are on a scam site. Do not go to a site that you do not trust.

Double-check the ratings and reviews before you book accommodations.  Be sure you are confident about the cleanliness and accuracy of the description of where you could be staying. Minneapolis hosted the NFL’s Big Game in February 2018 so there are many online reviews that are available, with a little research. 

If you are staying in a home be sure to do a safety check.  Know where the emergency equipment and safety information is located.  Do not hesitate to ask a host where the first aid kit or other gear is located. Be prepared for any emergency!

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