LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – On Tuesday, Governor Whitmer signed a major piece of legislation that promises more money for seniors and working families.

Previous versions of the bill contained those $180 refund checks you may have heard about. That won’t be happening.

Governor Whitmer says with everything seeming to cost more, this is the perfect time for the Lowering MI Costs Plan.

She says it will give financial relief to thousands in the state of Michigan.

“People have been fighting to get this done for over a decade,” said Whitmer.

The bill is designed to save 500,000 households about $1,000 a year by rolling back the retirement tax.

“Michiganders who work their whole lives and budgeted on their fixed incomes deserve to keep more of what they earn. I’m proud that we are delivering on the promise we made to retirees.”

The new law increases the working families tax credit from 6%, to 30% of the federal credit.

“This will deliver an average combined refund of $3,150 to over 700,000 families,” said Whitmer.

The governor says the working family tax credit will benefit almost one million kids in Michigan.

Just a few weeks ago, Whitmer announced that this bill would send out refund checks worth $180 to every taxpayer in Michigan.

But, Republicans were opposed.

“They used a procedural mechanism to keep this from going into effect immediately giving people relief. And yet, when it was time to put their names on the board to make sure this went into effect immediately, they chose not to,” said Whitmer.

But the governor says all is not lost, and that the work to give more Michiganders relief will continue.

“What I would love though is for some partnership on the other side of the aisle so that people can feel it as quickly as possible.”

Republicans opposed to this new bill include house Republican leader Matt Hall.

He says the bill is ”an attempt to avert an automatic income tax rollback for people and small businesses that will be triggered this year based on increased revenues.”