LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — It’s Halloween, and while mid-Michigan is gearing up for Tuesday’s night of fun, the Lansing Police Department is preparing for a night of heightened patrols. LPD has a few holiday safety tips for you to keep in mind.

“We are going to have extra officers in our residential neighborhoods during those hours, for sure,” said LPD Captain Eric Pratl.

Pratl said that as you get ready to send your little ghosts and goblins out for the holiday–or even head out yourself–to consider crossing some things off LPD’s checklist.

  • Firstly, always make sure young witches and wizards have Mom or Dad close by to hold their broomsticks. “And for our older children, if possible, walk in groups and have your route planned and reviewed,” Pratl said.

That includes sticking to roads with sidewalks and crosswalks and using said sidewalks and crosswalks.

  • Trick-or-treating hours are from 6-8 p.m. Around that time on Tuesday, drivers should take extra precautions. “Make sure we are paying attention. For kids that may be darting out into traffic, especially pay attention when we are entering or exiting driveways as well,” Pratl said.
  • While it happens way less than people think, Pratl said it’s still a good idea to check candy before eating–to avoid any hazardous tricks in your treats. As for homemade goodies–only accept them from people you know. “Watch for signs of tampering, unusual appearance or discoloration, tears in the wrappers, anything like that,” Pratl said.

LPD also recommends incorporating glow sticks or other reflective material into your or your child’s costume, so you are easier to see when the sun goes down. There are also reflective masks or other costume parts, glow-in-the-dark or reflective trick-or-treat bags, LED safety lights and plenty of other accessories.