(WLNS) – Toronto native Connor Panas is living every American kid’s dream, playing for a chance to be a part of his favorite major league ball club.

“Oh it was just amazing I mean come draft day, I didn’t know who I was gonna get drafted by, to hear my name called by a team I’ve really idolized my whole life was a dream come true” Panas said as he reminisced about being drafted by the Blue Jays in the 2015 MLB Draft

Despite struggling at times with Vancouver last year and starting this season in a reserve role in Lansing, Panas has seized an opportunity to become a vital cog in the Lugnuts offense.

” I just kept on working hard and waited for my opportunity, and I finally got it and I just took full advantage of it and it’s been working out so far.” Said the Lugnuts first baseman.

Blue Jays minor league instructor and Canadian Baseball Hall of Famer Tim Raines added “I’m happy for him, he had a tough year last year uh he came here this year being a backup and ya know sometimes you have to go through that to kinda prove that you’re not just a backup, you’re a guy that can play every day, and he’s proven it”

Being drafted by his hometown team was a dream come true for the Toronto native, but the interesting facts about Connor Panas don’t stop there. He’s also a certified teacher, and boasts a very unique talent, thanks to one of his favorite movies from his high school days, Step Brothers. He sings opera music.

“So you know how at the end Will Ferrell sings?” said Panas of the film’s climactic scene. “So I heard him and I’m like wow he’s pretty good that was good, I’m gonna try that and I tried it, and my friends were like wow, that wasn’t bad, like do it again, and then I did it and it just kept on running ever since.”

If Panas can hit the ball as long as he holds a note, he’ll make his way back home to Toronto with the Jays, but until then, he’s enjoying his journey through the minors.

“I mean I enjoy it so far, just everything about it.” Said Panas of Lansing and his time with the Lugnuts