Magnuson Hotel eviction declared ‘Housing Emergency’ by Lansing Mayor


(WLNS) – Residents at the Magnuson Hotel have been evicted, with a deadline of September 12 to move out, a situation Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero is declaring as a housing emergency.

The City may have an official title of housing emergency for the situation, but for the people who live there, it means so much more.

“Now we’re just, homeless,” Resident Gary McNamara said.

The Magnuson Hotel has housed nearly 100 people, at least 30 of them children, and now that last chance option, is being taken away.

“The owner is being unfair, unjust and unreasonable,” Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero said.

The owner is closing the hotel, saying they plan on making renovations, but with the current state of the building, and the unpaid utility bills, city officials believe there is an ulterior motive.

“I believe that this is the owners way of getting people out of there,” City of Lansing Human Relations Director Joan Jackson Johnson said.

The situation is so dire, Mayor Bernero issued a housing emergency to bring together city officials and local charitable and faith-based groups this week, to put the housing situation at the forefront of all issues.

“It tells every city agency, every city department that this is our priority,” Mayor Bernero said.

For residents, the announcement came without warning, and has put their housing and lives in question.

“This came on so fast so right now we are all scared and we’re in shock,” McNamara said.

Mayor Bernero says, the city is working on the human and legal aspects of the eviction, but there is a greater issue the city needs to solve.

“We need more quality, affordable housing. There’s a reason that people are staying at the Magnuson Hotel, because they don’t have other good options,” Bernero said.

6 News will have updates on the details of the cities plan after they hold the meeting.

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