Magnuson residents get breath of relief after hearing delay


(WLNS) – Today at a hearing where the City of Lansing filed for an extension on the eviction of Magnuson hotel residents, Ingham County Circuit Court Judge James Jamo granted the hotel owner’s attorney 2 to 3 weeks in order to gather a testimony before the next hearing date.

The original eviction date was Monday, September 12, but Judge Jamo held it of for the hearing, where city officials presented their case on why they believe the hotel needed to give longer than a two week notice, before kicking tenants out.

After two years of helping the homeless in Lansing find an affordable way back on their feet, Homeless Angels founder Mike Karl says, this current battle is proof that more needs to be done to provide for this community.

“We do need more supportive, transitional housing opportunities as well as affordable housing in the city of Lansing,” Karl said.

The city of Lansing issued an emergency injunction in order to get an extension from the owner on the eviction date. In court, Jamo granted tenants 2 to 3 weeks more time but the decision actually came as a result of a request from the hotel’s attorney.

No matter what spurred the decision, city officials aren’t complaining.

“I’m hoping during that three week time period that we will have made significant progress in assisting people and moving forward,” City of Lansing Human Relations Director Joan Jackson Johnson said.

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero announced a housing emergency that will help the city place nearly one hundred people in adequate housing as quickly as possible.

“It does open some doors that make housing more affordable to our brothers and sisters,” Johnson said.

For now, the residents, with help from the Homeless Angels, will continue to pay rent through the end of the month.

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