LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – 6 News first shared stories about a used auto dealer accused of selling bad cars with you last year.

Now, one man told 6 News he also had a bad experience with the dealer after his car started making noise several days after driving it off the lot.

“My work truck was down for the weekend and I wanted to go visit family and see my kids,” Matt Jackson said.

So, Jackson decided to buy a 2012 GMC Terrain from Dice Auto Sales in November.

He bought the car “as is” but said they told him if he had any problems, to bring it back.

“They’re super friendly and so I’m like oh, I can trust them,” Jackson said.

But when his car started acting up that’s when Jackson said things changed.

“It was fine for about a week and then I noticed a rattle in the front so I take it into them. I call them they say it’s all done. I go in and one of their mechanics says yeah, I took it down the highway, did 90 in it. No shakes.”

Jackson said when he got behind the wheel that was not the case.

“I drive down the road doing 40 and there’s a shake,” he said.

And when he spoke to the owner of Dice Auto Sales, Jeff Dice, Jackson said he gave him the runaround, so he took it to a mechanic he trusted. That’s when Jackson said he discovered even more problems.

“$2,700 later that was just for some of it because he just cobbled together what he couldn’t fix without charging me another $1,500. The rear struts were completely different struts, the two fronts were weak, all the bushings for the control arms were messed up and the sway bar links. I’m still running without power steering. The line was going into the serpentine belt and another part of it was rubbing on my CV axle,” Jackson said.

Jackson said after this discovery his dad decided to print out the CarFax, only to find out that…

“It was claimed as a total loss back in August,” he said.

Just three months before he bought the vehicle. Now out of $3,500 for repairs, Jackson has a message for anyone who may consider buying a car from Dice Auto Sales.

“Go elsewhere. Don’t go to Dice. I wouldn’t recommend that to my enemies.”

6 News did reach out to Dice Auto Sales about these claims, and as we’ve heard many times before they promised to have someone get back to us at a later time.

Most of the time we never hear back.