Man finds hive of bees in his car


LAS CRUCES, New Mexico (WLNS) – A man who returned to his car in a New Mexico grocery store parking lot ended up needing help from firefighters.

That’s because he had found a swarm of 15,000 honey bees that took residence in his car.

Jesse Johnson says he was only shopping for about 10 minutes when he returned to the car and made the discovery.

It only took about 30 minutes for the fire department to get rid of the hive.

Fortunately for him, the firefighters who responded was also a bee keeper.

The fire department said in its Facebook post that the crew arrived at the supermarket parking lot equipped with a hive kit, lemongrass oil, gloves and a beekeeper’s jacket and veil.

Officials say, the bees were able to swarm in through a slightly cracked window.

The crew believes that the bees likely came from a nearby gutter system or home, and saw the man’s car as a temporary shelter as they travelled to a new location. 

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